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Separation or Divorce Which Is Best For Now?

It is important that you know there are four different ways to separate and choosing the best for you and your family is extremely important and can impact property rights. This blog is a brief overview of the four different ways to separate, however, it is important to understand that every state has their own marital and property rules that will impact you depending upon where you live.  Contact WHYmediate at 480-777-5500 with any questions you have about divorce, separation or family law.(See

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What About My Child Support?

The best place to start on the topic of child support is first, define just what “Child Support” actually is and what it means. In the family lawCourts, child support is the ongoing, periodic payment made by one parent to the other parent or guardian for the financial benefit of their joint child at the end of a marriage or live-in relationship. Child support is paid directly or indirectly by wage assignment to the Arizona Clearinghouse, who then disburses check payment by the higher earning parent to the lesser earning parent, even sometimes if they both have equal time with the child or children.

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Infidelity, fighting, abuse
Poor spending and saving
Substance abuse or other addictions
Too young to understand love
Misunderstood values
Unequally yoked
The purpose ended

You finally reached your “last straw,” and one of the spouses realizes that there is no turning back, and they cannot make their marriage better. They tried and they did their best to make it work. But even with counseling or new agreements, it just doesn’t.

Often, there is a combination of factors that culminate to the final decision to split the sheets. When your marriage ends, it’s natural to seek a convenient scapegoat — namely your spouse. But often it is a third party who comes in to fill that role of scape goat. It could be the controlling or crazy Mother-in-law or the neighbor your spouse always seemed to like, or the colleague at work. Assigning responsibility can help you make sense of life during this confusing, overwhelming time and make it a bit easier. Unfortunately, and ultimately, relationships really are complicated and it doesn’t happen overnight when your spouse took up suddenly with their co-worker. Often times, there is a chance to really dig deeper and see where the pitfalls happened to learn from them, for this marriage, or for future relationships.


Using Mediation to Improve Your 2016

In our everyday lives we all rely upon skills of negotiation and mediation to navigate, whether it is buying groceries and gas, signing a new lease, or dealing with our office coworkers, bosses and clients to help us navigate our lives.  The skill and the art of mediation include many ways to approach conflict management toward resolution that range from least to most effective. Conflicts can be talked out, negotiated, arbitrated, adjudicated, resolved by legislation, by political action, or by violent force. Many people are afraid of conflict and avoid it as much as they can, and yet if they had developed conflict resolution skills, they would welcome them as a chance to move to deeper communication and understanding.

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