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Knowing and working with them expands your performance and effectiveness!

Cristi McMurdie is a performance and life balance coach who is passionate about helping you reach new levels of achievement while maintaining positive life balance.  This program is for leaders and achievers who realize that the more they learn about themselves through our combined diagnostics approach coupled with classic coaching, the more likely they are to attain their desired results.

Adler Coaching promotes Awareness which leads to Choice, your strength-based choices, which create more Trust – trust in yourself at the new-found levels of achievement and ability.  Business Guru, Peter Drucker shared after coaching thousands, “A person can perform only from strength.  Our program is strength based, first uncovering your WHY (SOS WHY), and your own unique set of primary strengths.


Our 90 Day Performance and Life Balance Program

  1. Getting to Know YOU!

We start with discovering your Sub-Operating System (SOS) WHY to uncover your primary driver.  Cristi McMurdie’s passion for discovering and coaching on your SOS WHY is unprecedented, and as one of the pioneer leading WHYcoaches, she will deepen your self-awareness on WHY you have to do what you do and WHY you think as you think, providing you with clarity and confidence for your real passion and purpose.

We combine your SOS WHY with your known strengths through the leading edge Strength Finder 2.0 and an abbreviated Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  We collaborate with a team of talented coaches that will springboard you onto your 90-day coaching plan, customized for you.

Getting to really know yourself, your SOS WHY, your strengths and your personality type, takes place in the first 2 weeks of the 90-Day program.

  1. Weekly Support and Coaching

Every two weeks you will have a coaching session with Cristi McMurdie on your actions, intentions, accomplishments and new goals.  On alternate weeks, you will enjoy a 10-minute check-in to invigorate your strengths and re-focus your commitments. Through this process, you will escalate your results within just 90 days.


Who Benefits from WHYcoaching?

The WHYcoaching process is perfect for anyone who is looking to gain clarity and purpose in life and business. Launched out of a desire to find a better way to facilitate collaboration through her family law practice, coaching became Cristi McMurdie’s go-to method for helping clients move through life’s more challenging moments. In her more than 15 years of coaching, Cristi McMurdie has helped professionals across all walks of life identify their core values, strengths, and purpose. Through her no-nonsense coaching style, you will move forward quickly.


What People Are Saying about the WHYcoaching Method

“Doing our WHY transformed everything. It led to a deeper level of discussion, and we could see core values in the grand scheme of life. It was absolutely miraculous.”

-Stephanie M

“The questions Cristi McMurdie posed for me benefited me in attaining successful outcomes in the starting over process of my life. Cristi is present for me as I encounter the crossroads in my new life.”

-Susan T

“It’s been as if I was rowing through life in a boat with only one oar, spinning in circles. Coaching proved to be the other oar. Now I am proceeding ahead with confidence, both oars in the water.”

-Pam P

“Your persistence in helping me to clarify what I wanted has helped me in all areas of my life. As a result, my business has increased, and I truly love what I am doing.”

-Marti W


Cristi McMurdie participated in Landmark Education from 1999 – 2001 and from that training launched her initial coaching practice with people going through family law challenges. Cristi McMurdie was and has been practicing family law during her first coaching area dealing with clients going through a divorce and other family challenges.  Cristi McMurdie is certified in three coaching methods, Adler School of Professional Coaching, Marcia Weider Dream Coaching for individuals and groups, and WHYCoaching.  In addition, Cristi McMurdie is a certified Elite Diplomate BEST practitioner, who provides you with tools for connecting with your unconscious mind.

FAQs about WHYcoaching

How can you transform people’s business and lives in just 90 days?

Because WHYcoaching, in combination with our leading edge diagnostic in MBTI and Strength Finders, along with spot coaching with our team of talented coaches, you will achieve new levels of performance and effectiveness in life and business.

How is coaching facilitated?

Your SOS WHY discovery can be done face to face or through video chat.  The diagnostics take place through two online tests, followed by a comprehensive analysis by our collaboration team. Biweekly coaching and alternate-week check-ins are held in person and on the phone to accommodate our clients.

What if I would like to coach with you for longer than 90 days?

Although most clients find that they have made significant gains within 90 days, we offer a full six-month term at a competitive rate.  Some achievements do take longer than 90 days and having a coach who really knows you from the 90 Day intensity may be the perfect back drop to reach your longer-term goals.

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