In the world of family law, the paths we walk together with our clients and colleagues are filled with profound moments of growth, challenge, and transformation. Today, I want to take a step back and express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you—my clients, colleagues, and the extended community of McMurdie Law & Mediation. Your trust, stories, and journeys have not only shaped our practice but have also deeply inspired and humbled me.

Gratitude for Trust and Transformation

Reflecting on the experiences shared by clients like Chris M., whose journey through a challenging divorce was marked by both vulnerability and immense strength, I am reminded of the profound impact of trust. Trust in us to navigate the turbulent waters of legal complexities, and more so, trust in the possibilities of new beginnings. The stories you share, centered on overcoming and envisioning a future filled with hope, reinforce the importance of our work together in creating pathways to empowerment and resilience.

Chris’ own words:

Throughout the legal proceedings, Cristi displayed professionalism and expertise, particularly when dealing with complex issues such as business division and taxes. Her negotiation skills were impressive, and she successfully managed challenges posed by the opposing counsel, ensuring a fair outcome for me.

But perhaps the most impactful aspect of Cristi’s representation was her dedication to preserving the well-being of my children. She worked tirelessly to establish a parenting plan that prioritized consistent parenting time while accommodating my career aspirations.

The Power of Empathy and Realism

The insights from individuals like Cecily R., who valued not just the legal expertise but the genuine understanding and straightforward guidance, highlight our approach at McMurdie Law & Mediation. It’s about more than legal outcomes; it’s about the human experience, the need for empathy paired with realism, and the journey toward finding peace and resolution. Your appreciation for an approach that balances compassion with honesty is a cornerstone of the trust we build together.

From Cecily:

I was referred to six different lawyers, but Cristi McMurdie stood out from the rest. In the initial consultation I knew I wanted to proceed with her. She just “got me”. She is empathetic and understanding, but also realistic and tells you like it is. It was refreshing to work with her because I knew she would always tell me the truth. She negotiated the best case scenario settlement for me, and I couldn’t be more relieved. I highly recommend Cristi! 

A Testament to Professionalism and Care

Jennifer H.’s feedback beautifully encapsulates the essence of the relationship we strive to build with each client. Her acknowledgment of the professionalism, genuine care, and the value provided throughout her legal process reflects our core mission.

Jennifer’s kind words:

Cristi was absolutely amazing, her professionalism and genuine sense of care for her clients is unmatched! She explained everything clearly, helped my boyfriend and I understand every thing we needed to in our case, and gave so much value and knowledge to us! I’m so thankful to have had such a kind, caring, thoughtful, and hard working attorney like Cristi! She communicated so well with us every step of the way, and made this process easy as can be! I would absolutely recommend her for any law services you need!

Commitment to Best Outcomes and Integrity

Laurie’s journey through her divorce and the attainment of her desired custody arrangement exemplifies our dedication to client-centric advocacy. Her recognition of our active engagement in the community and collaborative networking underscores our continuous effort to stay informed and at the forefront of family law practice.

Laurie says:

Cristi McMurdie excels at developing the best outcomes for her clients. She is active in the community and engages in collaborative networking with other professionals to stay at the top of her game. She helped me navigate my divorce, which ended with me having desired sole custody of my daughter. I rely on her for professional guidance to date. Cristi is honest and holds herself to the highest ethical standards. I commend her for her integrity.

Collaborative Strength and Mutual Respect

The professional camaraderie and respect shared with peers, such as Michelle Ogborne of Ogborne Law, underscore the collaborative spirit that underpins the legal community’s best work. Our collective commitment to thoroughness, attentiveness, and solution-focused advocacy not only benefits those we directly serve but also enriches our broader community. The mutual trust and respect we share as colleagues in navigating our clients’ needs and aspirations are invaluable.

Michelle’s testimonial:

I have known Cristi for several years and have worked with her on various cases. She has also been thorough, attentive to her client’s needs, knowledgeable, fair, creative, and solution focused. She cares about her clients and prides herself on getting excellent outcomes. I will continue to refer clients to her knowing she will take great care of them and do a fantastic job!

Looking Ahead

These reflections, stemming from these and countless other testimonials and shared experiences, are more than acknowledgments of past successes; they are the foundation for our continued journey. The trust you place in McMurdie Law & Mediation, your openness to navigating life’s complexities alongside us, and your belief in the possibility of positive outcomes are what drive us forward. See all testimonials for McMurdie Law and Mediation.

McMurdie Law & Mediation has been helping clients for nearly three decades with family law matters, keeping them out of court when possible through mediation and skilled and knowledgeable negotiation. To schedule a consultation and case evaluation today to discuss your specific situation, call McMurdie Law and Mediation at (480) 777-5500.