Child Support

child-supportHave you had significant changes in your lifestyle, your employment and income or in your family relationships such that child support should be increased or decreased? This is one of those areas in family law that is always modifiable, if you have significant changed circumstances.

Child support is the ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of their child or children following the end of a marriage or other relationship. Child support is paid directly or indirectly by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent, a caregiver, a guardian, or the state for the care and support of the obligor parent’s children.In Arizona, we now call joint custody “joint parenting time” and both parents will share the responsibility of child support, one subtracted from the other, thereby reducing the overall financial responsibility.  Often people are shocked by how little each party would pay when they share equal time because the child’s food and lodging is factored into the child support obligation.

On the court website at, there are self-help forms that you can utilize tomake your own filling papers to request and set up child support.  Many people find these forms confusing and difficult to use.  We can make that easy for you by helping you with the paper work and providing you limited scope representation.  We can also provide an environment for you and the other parent to reach agreements through mediation, with little involvement from the court, saving you time and money.While the court always maintains jurisdiction with respect to child support, there are many aspects that can be mediated.  This could range from setting an initial amount, agreeing to modification, or setting out the terms by which the amount overdue might be made up or even forgiven in part (if that is appropriate).  Once parties agree to the child support terms, it must be made an order and submitted to the court for approval.

Since the mediated terms are now agreed with the help of a mediator at our office, court involvement to seek ratification of the agreement will be less expensive than that of a court battle resolution.  The advantage of mediation is not just to save time and expense, however.  A key advantage of mediation is that it allows for better more meaningful solutions where your real interests are heard and considered. We would be delighted to help you resolve your child support challenges either by representing you or by providing professional mediation.Contact 480-777-5500 for a consultation and learn how McMurdie Law Office and WHYmediate Mediation Service scan help you reach a swift and beneficial child support agreement.

Robin M-March 2016

Cristi’s experience and professionalism delivered a settlement far beyond what I hoped for.

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Compassion for Mediation Over Two years ago I sought out for council to represent me in a custody case with …