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Are you facing the end of your marriage? Divorce is one of the biggest decisions you may make in your lifetime.  It is extremely important to learn of your rights and obligations before you enter into the arena of divorce so that you can plan in the very best way to protect you and your family.

Few events can affect your life and the lives of your children and spouse more than divorce. At McMurdie Law, we take divorce and the impact is has on your life seriously. We specialize in family law in Tempe AZ and throughout the state, specializing in divorce issues such as spousal support, custody, child support, asset division, visitation, relocation & grandparent rights.

Arizona is a “no fault” state which means that if one party wants the divorce and the other spouse does not want the divorce, the party who petitions for the divorce may have it.  Fault is generally not reviewed by the court unless one party has unreasonably burdened your community estate by spending money on interests that are destructive to the home and family that might include drugs, alcohol, affairs, or excess spending.

If you are not ready for divorce because your debts are too high or you need time to re-enter the work force or a new job, we will advise you on effective pre-divorce planning.  We do not hurry you down the divorce highway to get your “case in the door.”  We believe that if you can plan well and work together, either with your spouse or the other attorney, your outcome can be made more optimal and more secure. If you are ready to start your divorce matter, we are ready to prepare your petition for divorce for filing with the Court in a matter of a few days.

If you have limited funds, we can provide limited scope representation in your family law case so that you have good counsel and direction, saving attorney fees.  If you have a case that would be amenable to resolution through mediation, we also provide expert mediation services with more than 20 years of mediation training and experience.  We enjoy helping you reach your case goals in the best way possible to benefit the most people involved.  Sometimes it is better to get both parties situated in separate homes before starting the process of divorce, and we can help you plan and strategize to maximize your future.

After you file for divorce, the other party must be served with the initial papers (Petition for Dissolution of Marriage) within 120 days, or 4 months.  That is usually plenty of time to serve process.  However, if you do nothing in your case for 180 days, your case will be dismissed.  Usually after both parties file their Petition and Response, our Arizona courts will set an initial hearing called a “Resolution Management Conference” so that the court can schedule the other hearings and services that your case will require.

Family Law Tempe AZ

At McMurdie Law & Mediation we can step in during your family law case to move it to completion.  If you have tried to do it alone, and found that it has become too adversarial, or too complicated, we will make things simpler and take that burden from your shoulders.  Give McMurdie Law & Mediation and we will help you take the right direction and very next steps.

March 2024 – Full Representation

I can’t thank Cristi McMurdie and her team at McMurdie Law & Mediation enough for their exceptional support during my divorce. From the moment I walked into their office, I knew I was in capable hands. Cristi’s insight and guidance were invaluable as I navigated through one of the most challenging times in my life. She not only helped me see the possibilities of a new beginning but also provided practical strategies for achieving it. Her enthusiasm for my future career prospects was incredibly uplifting and motivating. Throughout the legal proceedings, Cristi displayed professionalism and expertise, particularly when dealing with

Chris M.

March 2024 – Divorce Full Representation

I was referred to six different lawyers, but Cristi McMurdie stood out from the rest. In the initial consultation I knew I wanted to proceed with her. She just “got me”. She is empathetic and understanding, but also realistic and tells you like it is. It was refreshing to work with her because I knew she would always tell me the truth. She negotiated the best case scenario settlement for me, and I couldn’t be more relieved. I highly recommend

Cecily R.

December 2023 – Full Representation

Cristi is a very caring, attentive, and thorough attorney. She answered all my questions and advised me in every facet of my divorce. She was very effective in getting the results I wanted while keeping my case out of the courtroom. I would recommend Cristi to anyone wanting expert representation and guidance. She put my needs first in every step of the process and I am very happy with the result and am grateful for her hard

Brent M.

September 2023 – Full Representation

In my divorce, I needed trust and consistency. Ms. McMurdie not only provided me with everything she set out to accomplish, she became a true advocate and led me through the ever-changing landscape of a divorce with confidence, poise, integrity and kindness. Ms McMurdie was the absolute best decision I made when selecting my legal team!” Thank you for everything that you have done for

Fred R.

December 2022 – Full Representation

I was referred to McMurdie Law and Mediation from two separate sources and I’m really glad I followed those suggestions. Ms McMurdie was empathetic and available to me whenever I had questions and she helped negotiate a settlement that left me feeling relief. I was able to move on with my life quickly thanks to

January 2021 – Full Representation

Cristi guided me through a very hard time in my life. She gave me great legal advice, saved me money and also was very compassionate to my situation. I highly recommend her. She was

January 2021 – Representation

I was referred to Cristi McMurdie by someone who knew she was a great attorney because they had their own  positive experience.  She helped me immensely during the most difficult time in my life when I really needed support.  She was always ready to listen, learn, and communicate. Cristi was fiercely instructional, quick to act, and very responsive. I would recommend her to anyone.  Thank you Cristi

July 2020 Happy in Maricopa AZ

I just wanted to take the time to share what a wonderful experience I had with Cristi McMurdie as a lawyer. When I first walked into her office, I was contemplating divorce. However, with her wonderful guidance, experience, and expertise, she was able to help me see that I had a good marriage and divorce was not a good path for me to follow. I really appreciate her time and advise and I would strongly recommend Cristi McMurdie to anyone and everyone that needs help in those aspects. Please go see her because as an attorney and individual, she really

July 2019 – LISA M. – Divorce Representation

Cristi was a heaven sent for me! The legality of my divorce was daunting alone, but Cristi made sure that I understood each step clearly and with confidence. With her many years of experience, and talents beyond her practice, she helped me get through my situation emotionally and legally got everything I needed to start my life anew! She is more than a lawyer and mediator, she’s the partner you’d want on your side to fight the fight you cannot. I will always recommend her! Thank you

March 2019 – Shawni L – Representation

I chose McMurdie Law Firm because Ms. McMurdie is a bulldog. I was trying to go through the divorce with just a mediator but I didn’t understand anything that was going on. Ms. McMurdie stepped right in and lined me out, stayed by my side and still checks on me even though the case is over. She is super smart and on the ball. An absolute professional and brilliant mind. I thank her for all her hard work and would recommend her to everyone. Thanks Ms.

January 2019 – Gloria, Limited Scope Representation

First and foremost, thank you for your assistance!  I know of you through your website and for anyone seeking services, I will always recommend you.  There is nothing easy about divorce and its process; your approach of respect and sensitivity to our case demonstrates your willingness and expertise to help make the divorce process as easy as possible.  There were no bumps or delays.  Again, THANK YOU!


November 2018 – Scott in Carefree, AZ

Divorce and Relocation Successful Using WHYMediate Thanks again for your help.  [My ex-spouse] and I both feel as though we are in a good place and can work together amicably to deal with issues as they arise.   However, if we do find ourselves at an impasse and agree we need your help, we will certainly call you. We both really appreciate all you’ve done for

May 2018 – Margaret B, Post-Decree Client

Ms. McMurdie had not only provided me exceptional legal guidance, but also personal counseling in how to best handle conflicts with my ex-husband. I have become better equipped to traverse the understandably difficult situations a divorce can bring and I’ve become more confident in myself knowing Ms. McMurdie is on my

February 2018 – Carolyn C., Divorce with Children Client

Thank you for your legal services and helping me work through one of the toughest times in my life. Thank you for addressing every detail and crafting the decree to protect my interests.  Your meticulous attention to detail was phenomenal.  I will recommend you to all I know for your legal services.  Your staff were attentive and knowledgeable. Thank you.  

June 2015- Kristin B

I have not only been a client of Ms. McMurdie, but have referred many of my friends to her.  She is honest, fair and reliable.  I have used her services for more than 15 years and would use her again if necessary. She is the best divorce lawyer in the Phoenix area.  She will go the distance for her clients and is priced to beat the

May 2015 – Ken J

Divorce is a painful, life-changing experience. I was in a fog shortly after my ex-wife and I made the decision to separate and divorce. Having to think about the legal side of divorce was not a task I was prepared for. Cristi made this process as easy as possible. I liked her approach of fighting for what was fair, not “going for the jugular” as many attorney’s would. While “fair” is somewhat subjective and largely depends on the states idea of “fair”, I felt satisfied that Cristi protected my rights as a father and ex-spouse. After the divorce Cristi helped

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