Divorce & Family Law

Divorce and Family Law Tempe, AZ
Divorce and Family Law Tempe, AZ

Are you facing the end of your marriage? Divorce is one of the biggest decisions you may make in your lifetime.  It is extremely important to learn of your rights and obligations before you enter into the arena of divorce so that you can plan in the very best way to protect you and your family.

Few events can affect your life and the lives of your children and spouse more than divorce. At McMurdie Law, we take divorce and the impact is has on your life seriously. We specialize in family law in Tempe AZ and throughout the state, specializing in divorce issues such as spousal support, custody, child support, asset division, visitation, relocation & grandparent rights.

Arizona is a “no fault” state which means that if one party wants the divorce and the other spouse does not want the divorce, the party who petitions for the divorce may have it.  Fault is generally not reviewed by the court unless one party has unreasonably burdened your community estate by spending money on an outside person, or on outside interests that are destructive to the home and family such as addictions.

If you are not ready for divorce because your debts are too high or you need time to re-enter the work force or at a new job, we will advise you on effective divorce planning.  We do not hurry you down the divorce highway to get your “case in the door.”  We believe that if you can plan well and work together either with the other spouse or the other attorney, your outcome can be made more optimal and more secure. If you are really ready to start your divorce matter, we stand ready to prepare your petition for filing with the Court in a matter of a few days.

If you have limited funds, we can provide limited scope representation in your family law case so that you have good counsel and direction, saving attorney fees.  If you have a case that would be amenable to resolution through mediation, we also provide expert mediation services with nearly 20 years of mediation training and experience.  We enjoy helping you reach your case goals in the best way possible to benefit the most people involved.  Sometimes it is better to get both parties situated in separate homes before starting the process of divorce, and we can help you plan and strategize to maximize your future.  See www.whymediation.com.

After you file for divorce, the other party must be served with the initial papers (Petition for Dissolution of Marriage) within 120 days, or 4 months.  That is usually plenty of time to serve.  However, if you do nothing in your case for 180 days, your case will be dismissed.  Usually after both parties file their Petition and Response, our Arizona courts will set a beginning hearing called a “Resolution Management Conference” so that the court can schedule the other hearings and services that your case will require.

Family Law Tempe AZ

At McMurdie Law Office and WHYmediate Mediation Services we can step in during your family law case to move it to completion.  If you have tried to do it alone, and found that it has become too adversarial, or too complicated, we will make things simpler and take that burden from your shoulders.  Give McMurdie Law Office a call and see if what you need is what they provide you and we can go from there.

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