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Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is a newer divorce model for people to be “fully-resourced” to resolve family legal disputes and stay out of court. The Collaborative Process is self-determined, group-scheduled, private, customized and efficient. With the help of your hand-chosen collaborative team, you will meet with your team to resolve all the issues in your family case. Your team will consist of two attorneys who are collaboratively trained and certified with mediation and collaborative experience, your hand-chosen communication coach who will facilitate the meetings and your hand-chosen financial expert who form YOUR OWN TEAM to settle your case – outside of court.

Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place

Collaborative Practice began in the late 1980s and has spread throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Although it has primarily developed in the field of family law, Collaborative Practice is also done in probate and general civil practice. In the Collaborative Process, clients and professionals agree to  work respectfully and in good faith to gather all information needed to reach resolution with a  focus on educating everyone and most importantly, the Parties about your estate and your options and include each of your interests.

At the very beginning of your case at the first Full Team meeting, all Parties and Professionals on the team will sign a Participation Agreement that states that if they are not successful in reaching agreement on all issues, the Professionals cannot later represent the Parties in court, and thus everyone has commitment toward settlement.  We also file a Notice of Collaborative Matter with court so that the Court will not set any hearings.

 The Collaborative Process takes place through a series of regular meetings where both clients and their professionals discuss the issues, make any necessary interim arrangements, plan for information gathering, brainstorm options, and then negotiate, draft, and implement their agreement. A safe environment is carefully created in these meetings to enable difficult conversations to occur with good results.

People choose Collaborative Practice because it allows them to be fully involved and to maintain control over their case, respects privacy, and in your own time frames, and to build your own teams. You will have the full support of your attorneys, your communication coach and financial neutral and all of their collective expertise that often collectively totals nearly a hundred years of knowledge to  make well-informed, creative, intelligent, legal, and customized decisions for your best outcomes. It allows clients to find solutions often not possible in litigation.

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