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Family Law Mediation Can Save Time, Money, Stress in Divorce

In family law mediation, the task of finding a solution lies with the involved parties, not with the court. By avoiding court, mediation participants save time, money, energy, stress, and paperwork. Since one of the main reasons for conflict is miscommunication,...

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Who Gets to Decide Where Their Kids will Go to School?

Parents sometimes disagree about their children’s choice of school and their education. Decisions such as which school children will attend, placement in advanced or special classes, or extra curricular activities can be in conflict between parents.  But when parents...

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Tax Law Changes that May Affect Your 2018 Return

Your income taxes have been a hot topic all year due to the changes ushered in by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in December 2017 by the Trump Administration. Tax credits and deductions relating to families and family law issues require a new understanding of how it...

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Finding an Adoption Lawyer for Your Growing Family

Families today come in a mosaic of traditional, blended, biological and single-parent structures with the core ideology of a caring, supportive family unit. Beyond marriage and birth certificates, a traditional nuclear family requires little legal intervention to...

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January is “Divorce Month”?

While December is full of holiday and good cheer, January is known for less happy tidings, such as an increase in divorce filings. As Claire Nowak explains in her article This Is Why January Is the Biggest Month for Divorce: "Since January is a time for making...

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All I want for Christmas is…a divorce?

Said no one ever! And yet, just after the holidays we see a spike in divorce filings.  Maybe it's because couples don't want to tarnish holiday memories with talk of divorce.  Maybe it's more about starting the new year fresh.  But whatever the reason, there's a...

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We’re in Love, Do We Really Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements (prenups) are something for the rich and famous of Hollywood, but does Average Jane or Joe really need one?  Most fiances are afraid that if they need a prenup it’s a prediction of things to come and they will surely end up divorced. Today half...

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Dos and Don’ts before the Holidays Arrive

We are in the middle of August and the count down to the holiday season is here. Has your co-parenting been smooth or rocky this year?  Take the time now to reflect and let go of what you can and address what you can with your co-parent in advance of the year-end...

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