Family Law Mediation

Do you want to save time and money in your family law case? Do you want to have some control in your case? Try family law mediation. WHYmediate? Divorce and Family Law Mediation has two decades of experience to help you achieve legal resolution and stay out of court.

In family law mediation, the task of finding a solution lies with the involved parties, not with the court. By avoiding court, mediation participants save time, money, energy, stress, and paperwork. Since one of the main reasons for conflict is miscommunication, mediation allows you to get straight to the heart of the matter and deal with the issues with a professional facilitator/mediator.

Mediation is possible on all types of family law matters including legal separation, divorce, annulment, maternity and paternity establishment, post-divorce modifications, child support and spousal maintenance, parenting time, grandparent rights, step-parent rights, and relocation. In Maricopa County, the court has finally begun to order parties to attend private mediation in an attempt to settle their matter. You can go without being ordered by the court and never have to step a foot inside the courtroom.  At WHYmediate we provide one day or multiple day mediation as needed and customized for your case.

Mediation examines underlying causes of conflict, moving past the initial anger to what is really at the source of those feelings. When each party is encouraged to share his or her unique viewpoint on the situation, the other participant is afforded a higher level of understanding, which leads to a more open and honest dialogue. Also, mediation is often faster than going to court—which can drag on for years—it can often be a more cost-effective solution in family law matters.

Cristi McMurdie brings together decades of expertise as a practicing family law attorney, two decades of family law mediation experience and a 15-year professional business and life coach, and now WHYcoach certification. The WHY discovery is a free process for mediation clients who want to try it. It will improve and forward your communication. Cristi provides hands-on assistance to customize what you need in your case, whether it is to work faster towards a resolution or to slow things down while you plan and execute the steps of the divorce process, such as selling your home or starting a new job.  All of this leads to a higher level of satisfaction and better, stronger, more long lasting resolutions for you and your family.

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