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Thinking about Changing Your Children’s School this Fall?

Co-parents are sometimes at odds when it comes to important decisions relating to their children. School choice is one topic that can become particularly challenging. Each parent wants what they believe is best for the child, but when opinions vary, it's important to...

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Honoring your Ex on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is this Sunday. For divorced or co-parenting moms, it can be an especially emotional day. Small children may be unaware or unable to celebrate mom without some parental help. And honoring the mother of your children can go a long way toward maintaining a...

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Summertime Bliss or Co-Parenting Chaos?

As the kids begin the countdown to summer break, are you anticipating a blissful, relaxing time-off from the routine? Or is co-parenting chaos your new summer norm? Summer can present challenges for co-parenting families. From road trips and sleep-away camp to family...

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Tax Time Turmoil? Ways the New Tax Laws May Affect You

Settling finances can be one of the most difficult and trying aspects of divorce. It's complex and confusing and couples rarely see eye-to-eye.  Thanks to the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it'll be even tougher. Some areas that may impact divorcing couples will be:...

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Worry-Free Spring Break when Co-Parenting

Spring Break is around the corner. A little advance planning and a review of your custody agreement can avoid snags with your ex-spouse that could ruin the fun. While situations vary, you can ensure the ground rules for spring break travel are set in advance by...

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10 Steps to a Mediated Divorce

The term “mediation” broadly refers to any instance in which a third party helps others reach agreement. More specifically, mediation has a structure, timetable and dynamics that “ordinary” negotiation lacks. The process is private and confidential and can produce...

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Is there a “best” time to file for divorce?

Many call January “Divorce Month” because so many couples file for divorce in the first part of the year. Maybe it's for emotional reasons, to avoid disrupting the holidays.  And maybe more occur in January due to sheer chance, but the move is often made for practical...

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Interesting Article: 11 successful co-parenting commandments

I recently came across this blog post about successful co-parenting "commandments" and some items really resonated with me. Rule # 1 follows my motto of "First negotiate, then mediate, last litigate."  The author says Collaborate, don’t litigate and that's great...

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MEDIATION: Often BEST for Everyone

Originally written for and published on June 6, 2016.   MEDIATION: Often BEST for Everyone by Cristi McMurdie Mediation is one of the best ways to get your divorce or any other family law dispute resolved. I am a big proponent because when it...

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Separation or Divorce Which Is Best For Now?

It is important that you know there are four different ways to separate and choosing the best for you and your family is extremely important and can impact property rights. This blog is a brief overview of the four different ways to separate, however, it is important...

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