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Mediation during divorce can make the process of ending your relationship much easier and allow for a more positive outcome.

Facing a divorce is one of the most challenging things you may ever experience.

On your wedding day, you probably never dreamed that you would one day choose to end your relationship; however, it’s important to remember that this is something you can and will get through. While the process of divorce can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging, there are several steps you can take to expedite the process of separating from your spouse. One of the simplest things you can do is to develop new and better ways of communicating. Whether or not you have kids, you and your former partner will need to be able to get together to decide how you’ll divide your assets, including any financial assets. Consulting with a mediation expert is one of the best things you can do during this time. Here’s why.

  1. It gives you a safe space to talk. One of the biggest reasons to consider mediation during divorce is that it provides a safe, neutral location where you can your partner can speak carefully about your wishes moving forward. Try to remember that at this point, there’s no need to rehash old arguments or fights. Your goal is to move forward, so meeting in a safe space can enable you to focus on the tasks before you. You’ll be able to concentrate on the decisions that you need to make together, such as where your kids will live or who will get the summer house. If you happen to have been in a relationship that has abuse or neglect, mediation may still be available to you with the appropriate agreement of rules at the beginning, and possibly using shuttle mediation. In shuttle mediation each party is in a separate room and the mediator goes back and forth between the rooms.
  2. It helps you listen. Although you may have many opinions regarding your lives moving forward, remember that your partner has their own separate desires that may be far different than your own. Your children may also have opinions that have an impact on creating the parenting plan. Speaking with a mediation professional can help guide you during this time and enable you to not only share your own preferences, and to hear what your whole family wants. Consider what choices are best for everyone involved. A mediator will help ensure each person has a chance to speak and share their opinions and feelings during this time.
  3. It can speed things up. Meeting with your attorney, talking with your former partner, and making multiple decisions can take time, energy, and effort. A mediation specialist can help you communicate carefully in ways that enable you to make decisions faster. This can help expedite the divorce process. One of the biggest reasons to pursue a quick, smooth divorce is that you’ll be able to start moving on as soon as possible. Why delay the inevitable? Put the past behind you quickly when you meet with a mediator who can guide you through asset separation and child custody arrangements.

Divorce is rarely a simple process, but the right mediation specialist can make the process much easier and allow for a more positive outcome designed by you. Contact McMurdie Law & Mediation at 480-777-5500 to schedule an appointment today.