Advice For Boomer Same-Sex Couples Facing Divorce” syncs nicely with my blog posts last month on adoption in all types of families including same-sex couples. In many married same sex couples, their unique financial concerns are compounded upon retirement.

Nancy is a Certified Financial Divorce Analyst, and an active member of Collaborative Professionals of Phoenix, an organization comprised of attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals who have been trained in the Collaborative Divorce Process. A Collaborative Divorce, the process of reaching a divorce settlement without going to court, is fairly novel and brings 3-4 professionals to the fore front of your case at the very beginning. Each spouse is represented by their own attorney, trained in the collaborative process. The other neutral professionals may include a certified financial analyst and a coach with therapist certification who may help with child custody decisions and other emotionally charged issues and who often guides the full team meetings.

At McMurdie Law ( we customize your family law process to fit your needs and have multiple certifications in processes such as collaborative practice, mediation and coaching in additional to being a member of the Arizona Bar of Attorneys since 1992.