Mediation is a process in which a neutral third-party mediator facilitates communication and negotiation between the parties involved in a dispute to help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

In family law mediation, the task of finding a solution lies with the involved parties, not with the court. And if agreement is reached outside court, you can make a stipulated agreement and file it with court, avoiding hearings that would the set if you didn’t make agreements. Mediation will save you time and money, anxiety and stress, and help you ward off future problems from working together to resolve your disputes outside court.

If disputes arise after your divorce, post-divorce mediation can be used to address a variety of often-seen issues such as changes to your parenting plan schedule and transfers of the children, or in activity and other support costs and child support.

Modification of Existing Orders

Life circumstances often change after your divorce, such as a job changes, or relocation and changing your home that may require changes to custody arrangements and/or child support payments. For modification of existing orders, a jointly selected mediator can help the parties discuss any changes that are needed and negotiate a new agreement. Mediation can help parents work together to find solutions customized for your new and changing needs and for the best interests of their children.

Parenting Time

After divorce, one parent may feel that they are not getting enough time with their children, or the current parenting schedule may prove to be difficult for the family and a change should be made – however sometimes finding that right change for your family might require a third party neutral (mediator) with family law mediation experience who can brainstorm with you to reach a better solution than you might be able to make on your own. Mediation can help parents work together to find a schedule that meets everyone’s needs and allows for meaningful time with each parent and most importantly balanced appropriately for the children.

Grandparent Rights and Visitation

Another issue that may arise after a divorce is grandparent rights and visitation. In some cases, grandparents may have a strong bond with their grandchildren and both the children and their grandparents wish to enjoy the bonded relationship they had prior to divorce. Mediation can provide an informal and less stressful forum to discuss and brainstorm best solutions for the changing family.  New agreements on visitation schedules, and parameters of visits can be found that respects the children’s best interests while also considering the grandparents’ desires.

Child Support

Finally, child support can also be a contentious issue after a divorce. The amount of child support may need to be modified if there has been a change in income or expenses, or if the child’s needs have changed. Mediation can help parents come to an agreement on child support payments that is fair and reasonable, taking into consideration the financial circumstances of each party and the needs of the children.

Mediation is an option in all types of family law matters. These include modifying parenting time and transfers of the children, child support and other support terms, and and grandparent rights.  Mediation may also be used to facilitate legal separation, divorce, annulment, paternity establishment and step-parent or third-party rights.

Maricopa County courts now require parties in certain cases to attend private mediation in an attempt to settle their matters. Private mediation can take place without a court order and without having to go to court. At McMurdie Law & Mediation we provide one day or multiple day mediation as needed and customized for your case.

Mediation is a valuable tool for post-divorce disputes and allows parties to work together to find solutions that meets everyone’s needs and avoids the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. If you are facing any of these issues, consider mediation as a way to find a solution that works for your family

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