For you, how may your child’s graduation effect your Child Support?

If you pay or receive child support and your son or daughter is graduating, it is important to understand how this will effect your current child support order. Termination of child support is determined by Arizona’ definition of the “age of majority”, and clearly defined in our Arizona statutes, A.R.S. 25—320 (F).

“If a child reaches the age of majority while the child is attending high school or a certified high school equivalency program, support shall continue to be provided during the period in which the child is actually attending high school or the equivalency program but only until the child reaches nineteen years of age unless the court enters an order pursuant to subsection E of this section.”

In Arizona, child support continues to the furthest date of either turning age 18, or high school graduation up to age 19. But exceptions do exist in some instances of severe mental or physical disability and these special situations are handled on a case by case basis with a showing of need.

How do I stop making child support payments for my child that has graduated high school?

If you are the person making child support payments in Arizona, you must file a request for child support payments to end once your child turns 18 and is no longer attending high school (or securing his or her GED). The Maricopa County website has helpful forms to file.

If you need help on those forms or you want advice on how to file and when to file, call Cristi McMurdie, J.D. at 480-777-5500 or for your consultation today.