The holidays are a time for joy and family, and happy memories with your children. For co-parenting families, the holiday season has the potential of heightened emotions and differences in parenting styles and holiday traditions. With the never-ending stream of events this year, we are all aware that a common fall out is increased anxiety and stress, especially for children. The coronavirus pandemic may already be affecting co-parenting schedules making daily life uncertain and stressful for children.  While the holidays may be celebrated differently this year, with a few careful considerations, families can create positive experiences and even new traditions that may go forward in future years.

Successful co-parenting relies on good communication, upholding your arrangements and allowing the other parent’s unique parenting style.  An extra dose of understanding regarding increased anxiety may assist you to ensure your holidays leave warm memories as those of the past.   This article on describes 10 Co-parenting Styles … With Tips to Fix What Isn’t Working. Even the best-intentioned co-parents sometimes clash, but utilizing a parenting coach or mediator with coaching training can assist you in better approaches in person and more effective email communication.

Tips for Happy Holidays while Co-parenting

  • Obtain ongoing counsel from a mediator/professional coach like me who can guide the divorce/post-divorce to effective outcomes
  • Communicate more often in all ways, especially with safe methods such as video and audio calls. Making and communicating plans in advance keeps your ex in the loop and gives you plenty of time for mediation should disagreements arise.
  • Always remember to put your children’s interests first when planning your time together. This helps keep them engaged and creates memorable experiences with each parent.
  • Be willing to be flexible, especially this year. Adjustments to holiday schedules due to the coronavirus pandemic might require changing the co-parenting schedule. The highest goal is to create positive experiences for your kids, and especially if you ask for extra or off-schedule time.
  • Focus first on health during the pandemic.  Make the well-being of your children a priority, as well as the extended family they come into contact with on both sides of their family.

If you need help reviewing and discussing your own parenting plan or think mediation could resolve your challenging co-parenting dynamic, now is the time to act.  Call (480) 777-5500 to schedule a consultation.