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Divorce is a complex and often intimidating process, even for uncontested cases.

The most challenging aspects usually involve how to divide parenting time and responsibilities, the close second is protecting and preserving your assets while trying to divide them at the same time.

Advanced planning, often utilizing the assistance of a certified divorce financial planner, is a great way to prepare. In collaborative practice, our team can help you plan in advance so that you minimize the expense of undue fighting in court or at the table.

Finances – Your investment and retirement accounts will likely be divided, along with all of your bank accounts. Check out this post from nerdwallet for 7 Ways to Ready Your Finances for Divorce

Parenting – with an eye toward what is best for your children, you will want to minimize their time in the car transferring them to the other home, so it is important to plan living closer to work and to schools.   Planning this in advance can minimize the costs of relocation and stress from coming changes.

Insurance – Your automobile, home and life insurance policies and their beneficiary designations must be reconsidered and changed by the time you are divorced. In Arizona you are required to provide medical insurance coverage for children if it is available to you.

This article takes a unique look at a pre-divorce checklist, identifying common mistakes and how to avoid them: Simple Divorce Checklist Can Keep You From Making These 10 Common Mistakes.

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