As the kids begin the countdown to summer break, are you anticipating a blissful, relaxing time-off from the routine? Or is co-parenting chaos your new summer norm?

Summer can present challenges for co-parenting families.

From road trips and sleep-away camp to family reunions and international excursions, summer is often full of events that fall outside the normal school year routine.

Sometimes things come up that are not clearly covered by parenting plan guidelines.

Here are some tips to keeping the kids’ best interest the main focus of summertime schedules.

  1. Communicate often and early – make plans as far in advance as possible and keep your ex in the loop, giving you plenty of time for mediation if disagreements arise.
  2. Be flexible and willing to compromise – summer brings different activities, such as family events or travel, that don’t always fit into the normal co-parenting schedule. Be flexible with your time in favor of the kids’ summer memories, and especially if you ask for extra or off-schedule time.
  3. Consider the children’s interests – let the kids’ interests guide your plans and always keep them informed. This helps them create memorable experiences with each parent.

These articles include additional, valuable tips that might help smooth summertime co-parenting stress.

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