Prenuptial agreements (prenups) are something for the rich and famous of Hollywood, but does Average Jane or Joe really need one?  Most fiances are afraid that if they need a prenup it’s a prediction of things to come and they will surely end up divorced. Today half of all marriages do end in divorce and prenups when done correctly will lay the ground work for smoother transition if it does.

Prenuptial agreements help protect the assets that you had before marriage, and even those your acquire during marriage.  It can preplan alimony so that you don’t fight about it in court. It can protect income that you receive during marriage from other assets you had before marriage. It can protect businesses and keep them outside the marriage. Read more in this article “Engaged? This is why you need to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Estate planning is another way to protect your assets during marriage, too. Sometimes for older couples, or in the case of second marriages, it may be better to attend to the estate planning rather than a prenup to ensure your own children inherit your separate estate. Learn more about legal considerations for late-life marriages.

Answering the question, “do I need a prenup?”, Is one that is best answered by meeting with your recommended family attorney.

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