If you are going through a divorce, trying to negotiate a new or different parenting time schedule, or seeking rights as a grandparent, hiring a lawyer is likely something you might have considered. It is important to know that there are different types of legal representation available to you in Arizona! Regardless of what kind of family law challenge you’re facing, the type of legal representation you need will is highly personal and should be customized for your particular legal needs. Knowing what your options are and the benefits of each type can help you make the decision that is best for you.

Limited Scope

In Arizona, lawyers may provide representation and legal support to clients in what is referred to as limited scope. This means that the level of service necessary in a particular case is possibly more straightforward than in other types of cases. There are a variety of situations that would make limited scope legal representation appropriate. This may be a good choice if you:

  • Do not want to spend a significant amount of money on legal fees;
  •  Already have a certain level of understanding of legal proceedings and can lend a hand to some of the work itself or even go to court pro per (without a lawyer) to speak on your own; or
  • Only need limited assistance with document preparation and legal filings.

Limited scope representation works best for people who need little guidance and want to save money on their family law matters.

Full Representation

Alternatively, if your case is complex, extremely contentious, involves experts or many witnesses, or you have little to no experience with legal procedures, it may be in your best interest to obtain full representation. This option is more costly than limited scope representation but also provides a higher level of service. Navigating family law matters like divorce filings, custody proceedings, or the Arizona adoption process can seem impossible for someone who is not familiar with the requirements and processes.

Hiring an attorney to take control of these matters is often the preferred method. Working with a family law firm like McMurdie Law & Mediation means you do not have to worry about knowing the nuances of Arizona law and legal proceedings. With full representation, we take care of all the important details and advocate for you in and out of court. With full representation however it is encouraged that you ensure you are consulted on decisions that involve process, expensive discovery and other aspects of your case.


You may want to consider mediation if you are looking for a less formal and more private option than formal court hearings. In these meetings, a mediator will act as an impartial third party to help you and the other person reach an agreement. This process works best when everyone involved is open to communication and willing to compromise. Mediations allow each party to maintain control over the decision-making process and keep the details of their case private. Keep in mind that the mediator is not allowed to advocate one party’s position and is there to help your reach terms of agreement. You will have the responsibility of gathering your own documents and your own appraisals and values. Once that is done, the parties are poised to negotiate how to divide the assets and other terms.


At McMurdie Law & Mediation, we also offer collaborative practice for our clients. Collaborative divorces are best for spouses who are highly incentivized to keep their matters out of court and private, and are ready to resolve their issues collaboratively using a professional team that is hand-picked for the parties. They do not hold back providing documents to one another and being 100% transparent. If you are looking for an individualized, private, and streamlined method, collaborative practice is a beneficial model. You will have a team of trained experts to help you address your family law issues without going to court.

At McMurdie Law & Mediation, our goal is to create solutions that are fair for all parties involved. Contact McMurdie Law & Mediation at 480-777-5500 today for a no-cost initial consultation to discuss your specific situation.